June Exeter History Minute -- the Exeter Combination

The Wheelwright Deed of April 3, 1638, established the town of Exeter, but the settlers waited another year to create a plan for a civil government. The resulting Combination was signed on July 4, 1639. Oddly, the fourth isn't much of a holiday in Exeter; we reserve our celebratory merrymaking for the Independence Festival, about 2 weeks later. (You can check out our History Minute about The Glorious Sixteenth at http://youtu.be/taG83r4xDSs.)

Tune into our latest episode of the Exeter History Minute to learn more about the Exeter Combination -- click here to view -- brought to you by the Members of the Exeter Historical Society. And to become a member, visit our website: http://supportus.exeterhistory.org


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