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Hollywood Film Maker Louis de Rochemont Comes to Exeter

by Barbara Rimkunas

This "Historically Speaking" column appeared in the Exeter News-Letter on Friday, November 11, 2017.

Catching up with the news in the 1940s meant checking headlines in the paper, listening to the radio or going to the movies. Newsreels were shown before the feature films – one of the most popular series was called the ‘March of Time,’ which premiered in 1935. Created by producer, Louis de Rochemont, who frequently served as director, these short documentaries focused on current conditions and events. The Academy of Motion Pictures awarded the ‘March of Time’ series an honorary Academy Award in 1936, for “having revolutionized one of the most important branches of the industry – the newsreel.” De Rochemont was on hand in Hollywood to accept the award from Bob Hope.

Louis de Rochemont wasn’t born in New Hampshire, but his family roots ran deep in Newington. In a 2005 interview with UNH professor, Charles Jellison, de Rochemont explained his early interest i…

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