History Bat has a New Look

We are thrilled to announce that History Bat has a new look! Artist Nathan LaMontagne, formerly of Exeter, created the new image for our friendly bat colleague. (You can check out some of Nate's artwork, music and educational feats at his website. As you can see from what he has featured, he's a great friend of the historical society!)

For those of you unfamiliar with History Bat (also known as HB), you should know that HB is a friendly bat who, after a flying visit to the Exeter Historical Society in the spring of 2010, decided to stay and dedicate him -- or her -- self to the study of the history of the town of Exeter, New Hampshire. As long as HB stays primarily online -- and not swooping over our heads -- we are happy to host such a sweet history-loving bat. You can find History Bat on Facebook and Twitter.


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